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domingo, 6 de junio de 2010


This is my post number 100.

For many, 100 will always mean much more than a simple numerical figure. 100 always means an stop-and-think turning point.

We are in year 2010 according to our calendar, but we are aware that thousands of millions of years remain behind us. It seems we run the progress path, since life nowadays look more comfortable than ever, and human being life expectancy has increased substantially.

Nevertheless, the 100 age range becomes now an undoubtful sign that life, according to what it means to us now, is in the nearby of an end. In most developed countries, life expectancy average is around 80 years old.

We live in a planet and we have no further information about what is happening in others. Our space navigation systems are extremely antique and do not allow us to sail around the universe in front of us.

Therefore, and mainly due to our way of thinking, human beings continue deploying theories about what are the foundations of our planet, its development along the years, and why we are this way, as physically as well as mentally...

This sourced along the centuries many religions creation, thinking groups, secret societies, psychological trends, etc ... all focused on trying to explain the still unknown.

Along our known history as human beings, economy deserves always a key mention due to the relevance along the times of how humans achieved to share limited goods.

Obviously, economy derived into the huge expansion of banking institutions, the creation of the PAPER MONEY, and the unlimited value bubble of this money without any link now to GOLD or NATURAL RESOURCES reserves.

This has made our current world crunch into different heavy dramatic economy periods along our last 2 centuries. Before that, change of goods seemed to work effectively.

The lack of a real link among PAPER MONEY and something real ( natural, necessary and limited resources ) has made us live in a golden jail guarded by finance titans. Titans that are not more than 35 years old, but and with a single computer button touch, may make billions of cash money by attempting to what at that time, more easy to get a quick profit may be.

The loss of the PAPER MONEY link with something real has made us enter into a new huge speculation game.

Then, and once this is understood, we may go further talking about Lobbies, hidden powers, politicians, etc ... But now, in our new world order, financial markets become the referees of our lives. No guns or swords to conquer the world, just simply a computer button press fueled by the real world owners, that obviously always try to keep unknown..

Along this scenario, 3 main countries domain the world today: USA, EUROPE and CHINA.

CHINA has joined this group recently due to a more than 1 billion population that has been able to develope recently into a finally powerful nation.

3 main currencies: US DOLLAR, EURO and for sure, Chinese YUAN that will integrate this PAPER MONEY pack soon.

USA continues being the leading nation of the planet, menaced by the increasing power of CHINA. Many economists forecast a lead change in a 10 years time frame.

USA became the leading nation 3 centuries ago. Romans, Arabs and Egyptians were its predecessors and for many the cradle of the cultural and economic foundations of our current world order.

Nevertheless, our world suffered recently ( 20 years ago ) one of the greatest revolutions ever, and for sure, studied and analyzed by our decendants along the next centuries. It is obvious I refer to INTERNET.

INTERNET has fueled the concept that everybody can use now with a meaningful sense, GLOBALISATION.

INTERNET has linked the countries, the peoples, the civilizations, has joined us together as a one single thing, has re-united us without taking much into consideration to politicians, religious gurus, or biblic leaders ...

INTERNET was born as a single network of communications, but its impressive growth along our planet frontiers has made us possible a new way of understanding social relationships, life habits, business models, jobs, families, ...

INTERNET - GLOBALISATION - MOBILE PHONES - WIFI - UNPLUGGED TRENDS - ... have positioned our world as an unique thing. Information now is deployed at high speed, everybody knows everything no matter where the news happens or whom affects, ...

INTERNET has gone beyond the limits and now is our real GURU and LEADER.

Nevertheless, INTERNET has made us look unmoved almost 15 hours per day into a single screen. Yes, most homes around the planet or even walking citizens look now a screen, well a mobile screen, a laptop one or a PC ... We just do not look any more to other people´s faces ... We look into screens.

Screens everywhere ... People talking with a mobile phone, or checking the e-mail in a Palm, or even exploring the INTERNET with a PDA.

No kids anymore playing soccer in the parks, or shooting each other with gun toys ... No, each one in front of a screen doing these same things but virtual and interactively.

Many continue asking themelves WHO MANAGES our EVOLUTION, our INVENTIONS, our LIVES ???

A new philosophical mana for those religious gurus or biblic leaders that almost lost their "jobs" with recent evolution changes.

Meanwhile, the social life continues focused on appearances, money life, consumption, luxus, credit, loans, ...

What´s next ??? ... Who knows ???

Along these 100 posts I just wanted to share with you a portion of our daily reality, and I have tried to do so, to make you think about issues that maybe you do not pay attention to, mainly because of being involved in your hectic routine ...

I really hope that for those readers who have followed my articles I may have been of some help to try to make you happier each day that at the end, is the goal that all of us must fight for ...

My conclusion is clear:

Apart from the amount of money you may have or make...
Apart from the number of condos, town houses or villas you may own ...
Apart from the position on the FORBES list you may occupy ...

"HAPPINESS is only possible by DREAMING, and if possible, becoming your DREAMTS into a reality"

Do not stop your DREAMT production factory !!!

To dream is a fantastic workout since if you do not get along your dreamts, you can design others and others, and others, and continue being happy !!!

Thanks to all of you for having paid enough attention to my first 100 posts,

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Investors-

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Who runs the BACKSTAGE ?

2008 Lehman´s fall recorded the beginning of the worst crisis ever known in recent history.

Banks seemed to be falling down as in a chain production factory. The banking sytem was nearly defaulted if the public help from governments would not have arrived on time.

Now, the governments are the ones at default risk.

The classic economists recipes were used during 2008, but what do we do now when the governments are the ones at risk ???

What is now the upper level to save us ??? ... This is the scenario that university professors used to explain us what PAPER MONEY really means.

PAPER MONEY is worthless if the world is broke. So, the main question now would be: IS THE WORLD BROKE ???

There are 3 main currencies in our planet: YUAN, DOLLAR and EURO.

YUAN is not traded in forex organised markets. Chinese government does not let speculation attack yuan by protecting its quotation.

DOLLAR was said not to be any more the reference currency. This was 6 months ago. Now, it is the saving currency for many.

EURO achieved at that time 1,60 against DOLLAR. Now it is breaking down the 1,20 level, dynamiting the foundations of global commerce. Chinese exporters menaced today not to trade in EUROS any more. This same situation happened with the DOLLAR 6 months ago.

So, who is managing our markets, our lives, our future ???

Because I have no doubt that many people are getting very rich with all these scenarios. A lot of money challenging currencies, countries, non stop pressure on governments ...

Do you want me to put "names" on these people ??? ... Very simple. Sovereign and hedge funds.

Do they enjoy Insider trading ?? ... Maybe !!!

Are they supported by key Lobbys ??? ... Maybe !!!

But what has more power that a mass of money directed into a weak economy ??
But what has more power that negative gossip on someone at the right time, at the right place ???

DOLLAR was weak, then let´s drive it to 1,60 against EURO. Now US ECONOMY seems to recover, let´s attempt against EURO. What ´s next ??? ...

Maybe to say in public that CHINA is overheated. Maybe to publish in main media that BRAZIL needs urgent funds to survive.

Or maybe not, maybe it is ok to say the world now has no issues to worry about, let´s be LONG on assets, stop to the SHORT positions !!!... No BEARS any more !!!

But, who manages this dance ??? ... Who manages the BACKSTAGE of our futures ???

I gave you the answer before.

But, no surprise at all with these practices. In year 1985, Soros was a pioneer on these arenas. It is very extrange how he thought 2 months ago that attempting against euro was next and very lucrative.

And you, what do you think ?? ... Why do you think that traditional GURUs always died in poverty ???

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Advisors-

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

ISTANBUL, the bazaar of cultures

Turkey is outperforming global economic indicators and therefore, becoming one of the countries to take into consideration inside the new world order we are going through nowadays.

Its unique geographic position as the front door of 2 continents ready to trade, Turkey becomes the only place in the world where TRADE means TRADE, with all respects to ASIA countries.

Istanbul emerges as the frantic city, cosmopolitan as well as traditional, muslim as well as open minded, big as well as small, a city ready to say " How much would you pay for this, sir ... ??" ...

Istanbul deserves at least, the mention of being one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

If you get bored at your home town, please book a direct flight to ATATüRK modern and comfortable airport to face the turkish new reality, the pulse of commerce, trade and tourism ... Non stop, with no vital traffic lights to be respected, quick, fast, high speed life ...

Grand Bazaar might be the main exponent of the commerce temple, but there is even no need to go inside its labyrinth of shops and short corridors to notice that the entire city is the one speaking to you asking for an inmediate trade.

Sultanhamet old town transports you and your mind to the mosques splendorous image. But maybe it is the Bosphorus view from GALATA bridge, the way to understand why Istanbul is due to be one of the most beautiful cities in our world. The water sparkling due to the sun rays shooting directly into the tides, identify the continuous row of boats coming and leaving designing maybe the best view of what an active city must mean.

No way to try to guess where local people are from. No way to know if they came to stay or they came to leave. No way to do an effort to speak to them in English, or French, or even German ... because they speak them all.

ISTANBUL is the Grand Bazaar of cultures. ISTANBUL is the speaking city, the city where mosques speak to you loudly almost all day long, where individuals do not walk, run...

Surrounded by Marmara Sea, Bosphorus and Golden Horn, the best experience is definitively a sunset at GALATA tower.
To become an unique witness of how lights begin to turn on the city, mosques begin to glare in the night, and all this, without reducing the intensity, the boats coming and leaving, the non stop traffic jams, the speaking prays from temples, etc...

Minery, tourism, trade, front gate between Europe and Asia, make Istanbul a great place to analyze and therefore makes Turkey as well, a country to be highly considered.

Latest business reports identify Turkey and Iran as the next emerging powers ... For sure, at least Turkey, has all the cards to go !!

Recent key strategic steps reinforce this idea since TURKISH AIRLINES is becoming a hub airline for all connections to ASIA. ATATÜRK Intl airport is gaining enough confidence to become the hub of the middle east, defeating DUBAI in this particular air competition, and key LOGISTICS companies move now their headquarters to Istanbul, together with key cruises lines that arrive now in Bosphorus as a preference stop for their trips to Greece or the Middle East.

Turkish businessmen are moving fast as well, they plan to steal DUBAI supremacy of gold commerce and transform some areas of Istanbul in luxury gold sellers market arenas.

Nice plans ahead. Nice starting point. Let´s see what future tells us about Turkey and its main business city, Istanbul.

We will be watching closely !!

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Advisors-

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

iPhone, iPod, iPad, ... iWhat´s next ??

Top Business schools around the world should be analyzing without further delays what is happening with the APPLE power.

Pschycologists may also have something to say.

But, and overall, key technology corps. marketeers must look really close to this astonishing phenomenom ...

APPLE surpassed MICROSOFT maket value last week. Not big news if it were not by the fact that APPLE was a bankruptcy company at least 2 times in its recent history.

Now, it requires a deep analysis of what is happening with the social impact the "i" is having among us, not just as consumers, but as human beings as well.

More than 600 euros is the cost per unit of the new iPad... But, what is an iPad?

It is a small laptop ??
It is a single interactive screen ??

It has the cared look of the Biblic Messiah tables, some kind of mental link that, for sure, Mr Jobs did not prepare accidentally.

9.000.000 units were sold out in just hours around the planet. A simple gadget that has been capable of selling 9 million units at a cost of more than 600 euros, around 720 dollars ...( if a change rate is applied to convert into US dollars ) is something worth studying.

Some time ago, many wondered if a company could survive by selling expensive gadgets from time to time, without exploring other key areas such as software, internet applications or improving connectivity standards ...

When many found out the videogames mana, including X-BOX from MS Corp., Steve continued in one single direction without being tempted by huge potential returns coming from the emerging digital interconnected videogame industry.

He decided to continue with the best he can do, design and develop gadgets.

As a new gadget is released, experts and tech analysts think what will be next ... what other application is due to be released next and what for ?? ... What uncovered use is going to find out mr Jobs to design a new "iWhat ???"

I really think that iPad was a risky bet. I really think it. Obviously, I may be fighting against the world, since sales figure make me think I may be very wrong. But anyway, I want to expose my thinkings to all of you.

APPLE global image (always deployed as a huge media marketing campaign fuelled by a huge MOUTH-TO-WORD movement driven by the so called "early adopters" ) has become a symbol for the following attributes:

- YAEPs = Young Although Enough Prepared to succeed.
- FASHION = to carry on a Mac or an iPhone is like wearing Armani or Gucci ... it has become a social standard identification card.

- MODERNITY & REBELLION against established standards.

So, at the end, it has become a LIFESTYLE, very linked to those new sysmbols such as taking a relaxed coffee at STARBUCKS or simply not wearing ties even in key meetings.

From the MARKETING perspetive, maybe there are other items to be mentioned, but I think main are those commented.

Now the question must be ... Is there something more around "i" apart from a marketing master lesson ???

Are these gadgets supplying some key inventions to our daily life to improve it substantially ???

Is the iPad supplying any additional use to that achieved with a laptop + mobile phone ??? ...

Maybe that includes all ??? ... But if so, do you imagine someone speaking to a table like the iPad instead of using a common mobile phone ???...

Do the Armani suits have big enough pockets to get this iPad into ??? ... or should be carried as a common laptop ???

Will the "iPad" be part of a supra marketing strategy from APPLE or it is simply one additional gadget from Steve´s factory without any link or articulated strategy behind it, apart from collecting the Steve´s FAMILY of GADGETS ??

Will the iPad stop the worldwide sales of Mac ??

At this time, I have not a clear idea of where all these gadgets take us ?? ... Because, and if all these releases have no common link or strategy behind them, we may be attending to a not very bright future for APPLE. But, and according to the latest numbers, Steve always made us be completely wrong.

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Advisors-

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Why are you NOT rich yet ?

I remember I was training in a South Beach gym, right in the Miami Beach most glamorous area, when someone asked me the following direct question:

What do you do for a living ? ... ( By the way, a very common question when you live in the US, moreover in Miami )

I answered simply by saying that I was a private stock exchange investor.

The following question was inmediate:

... You must be very rich, aren´t you ???

In this case, if you are really very rich, you try to be diplomatic not to look so aggressive to admit an incredible wealth ... but when you are NOT, you try to answer just like: " I am on the way ... "

People use to link finance investors with incredible wealth levels. Obviously, it is not that wrong to do it, but it may create some kind of internal thinking for those individuals, who just like me, try to advance in the wealth highways of life:

Therefore, I tried to face this internal dilemma with the following phases analysis:

1- First of all, I thought it was necessary to classify the wealth levels.
2- Second, we should analyze what professionals belong to each level.
3- And finally, it becomes necessary to look at the origin country of these fortunes.


Official Government publications tend to say that millionaire is someone with more than 1 million dollars in assets.

To this, I must say that from 1 million dollars to 50 thousand million dollars according to the FORBES wealthiest man on earth net worth, we have a gap that is too wide to ignore.

If your wealth level is one real estate property valued at 1 million dollars, I must say you are really POOR, since you have to pay all other monthly expenses ( clothing, food, utilities, kids school, car insurance, etc ... ) living in a house from which you cannot obtain any rent since it is your living property.

So, my first approach makes me conclude that 1 million dollars is not an accurate measure to establish who is really millionaire.

The smartest way to establish a good level to divide the population between RICH and POOR should be based on a living budget of necessities:

1- A property to live in: 1.000.000 dollars.

2- A second residence for seasonal stays, well in the mountains, well in any tropical island: 500.000 dollars.

3- A car for the husband, another one for the wife: 100.000 dollars

4- Monthly expenses ( including 2 kids school, utilities, clothing, food, servants, housing taxes and additional expenses ... ): 10.000 dollars / month.
So, and according to a 5% average annual fixed rate for deposits, it makes necessary a savings cash amount of around 3.000.000 dollars.

That makes a net worth of 4.600.000 dollars. Let´s round it to 5.000.000 dollars.

Many would say that this calculation is stupid and would do their own one. But in all cases, the total final figure would not be that far from this one.

This has nothing to do with highly endebted families that enjoy all these mentioned assets through loans over loans. In that case, I would name these cases as VERY POOR wealth levels.


If you read some of my previous posts about FORBES list, you would find the split of fortunes according to what kind of professionals belong to each level, concluding that the new era of millionaires come from the "political inheritance" of natural resources empires, or the trading of commodities through hedge funds.

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc ... would be well based on the 5-10 million dollars range, even higher in specific cases. But for that range between 100-500 million dollars we must go to the celebrities area, or to the finance trading magicians.

Well over 1.000 million dollars, only big business conglomerates ( Wal-Mart, Oracle, Microsoft, MANGO, ZARA ... ) or young emerging countries ( political beneficiaries ) oligarchs may respond to this distinguised group.


More than 60% of the wealthiest people on earth built their fortune in the US. 30% in countries such as China, Japan and India. Remaining 10% comes from Russia.

So, why are you NOT rich yet ?? ...

That is the question I want to help you find out now, exploring the reasons why you do not belong to any of the groups previously mentioned. It is not that hard to be excluded of these groups since we use to think that MONEY DOES NOT BUY THE COMPLETE HAPPINESS... Although I think this is not more than a simple excuse to get resignated with our given destiny ...

I always look at those who say that the multimillionaire eating a 1000 dollars lobster in a 50 million dollars yacht is not completely happy, answering them that maybe he is not, but you either, and he is the one who is eating the lobster in his yacht.

So, and diving into this permanent question that for sure, many of us have asked ourselves more than 2-3 times per day ... just joking !! ... better say, 2-3 times each month end, ... we must go further with our analysis.

Leaving apart you did not receive a grandpa inheritance of more than 100 million dollars, or you inherited a well run company just like Wal-Mart, we must establish how we can earn by our own some kind of fortune.

Age is also important, because we need to be rich before being 40-45 years old. Since and after this age level, things become tougher and the enjoy gets smaller every year after.

So, and if you spend at least till you are 22 years old studying or inventing little business models without further impact, this makes us only 20 years more to really execute actively our business strategies.

At this stage is where financial markets appear. What kind of business can make you millionaire faster than the financial markets ??? ... What kind of business can, without having to pay monthly to your employees, without fixed costs apart from a laptop and an internet wifi connection, make you earn huge amounts of money in a reduced time frame ??? ...

The answer is simple. INTERNET.

So, INTERNET and FINANCIAL MARKETS fight every day to show us which business model makes you millionaire faster.

HEDGE FUNDS managers ( 35 years old traders ) compete against INTERNET freaks hidden behind a garage metal gate, to become the youngest millionaires of our current times.

The conclusion is well simple again. If you are not an INTERNET freak,... buy a laptop, sign in an INTERNET banking account and begin trading leveraged commodities.

That guy of the SoBe gym was right. If I was working as a finance investor, I should be rich ...

If you achieve 40-45 years old, and you did not get your expected wealth levels, your only hope is to find an old millionaire who wants to share with you some of his/hers.

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Investors -

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Learning how to succeed

There are many success stories around us. Not only one or two, but many ... many in each country, many in the same city, many in the same neighborhood.

Maybe I must clarify I am talking about business and wealth success stories.

It is becoming very usual how TV broadcasters issue prime time documentaries about how emigrants achieved to succeed in foreign countries and how they live now with it.

Nevertheless, in all these stories I miss always the same component: the origin.

The first steps, the first stones to build the huge business or wealth models they present us, the first loan to open the first branch, the paperwork to establish the first legal LLC, the first employee hired, etc ...

The audience of these docs are common people sitting on the couch right in the middle of their living rooms, that after a long routine working day, they watch how others live now a movie based life, after having set up their own business model or conglomerate in a foreign country. They just look at the comments from these men and women and try to get conclusions for waking up the next day fully convinced they can do the same to abandon their boring workplaces.

Maybe they do not tell anyone about these thinkings, but they begin imagining a place like Bali or Hawaii to set up a small apparel business, to be franchised afterwards worldwide. Or maybe, they imagine they will be able to run a chain of 3 ethnic restaurants in Manhattan´s fifth avenue just as the young emigrant guy told them last night on these tv docs.

The reality is other. First, nobody explains how long did it take them to decide the business model they wanted to set up, or why they decided to do it at that time. They do not tell us how tough it was to get the first cash money from the banks, or if they got this money from a friend or relative that does not appear on screen, and that becomes the main reason for this success, reivindicating he/she was the first owner of that business due to the first dollars invested when no bank gave the guy on screen any cash.

They do not tell us why they decided to open a chic bar in Manhattan. Maybe he was a barman once he arrived into NYC and with no money in the pockets, barman was the only job available. Afterwards, maybe he and 2 working colleagues decided to rent a noisy and dirty small space to set up their first business adventure. Obviously, they were then lucky enough to grow and succeed with such a competition. Or maybe, we can say it was hard work and not luck what made them succeed.

I always want to go back to the very beginning. I want to understand how a 35-year-old trader becomes multimillionaire trading with oil and natural resources derivatives.

I want to understand if Bill Gates dreamed ever to create such a business company as Microsoft, or maybe, as many say now, he was only one part of it and not the real origin developer.

I want to know if it was an inheritance or a grandpa 1.000.000 dollars donation what made that guy to invest them wisely and develop a huge fortune. Because if it was so, no one in our common and normal daily world has easy access to 1.000.000 dollars to set up a business dreamt.

At the end, everything has a reason and an origin.

To learn how to succeed, someone successful enough must explain the origins. I do not know yet anyone telling others his success formula. So, and for those in this early business set up situation, I can only recommend them to keep dreaming and suffering at the same time, the reality of our daily world.

Entrepeneurs will always come up, although they won´t explain us their success secret.

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Advisors-